Podia Review

For digital entrepreneurs, online courses are one of the best business formats. People are eager to pay for the convenience of learning the skills and knowledge they need from the comfort of their own homes or offices – and on their own schedule.

If you’re thinking of creating a course, there’s no better time than now. You simply need the correct tools to help you build, market, sell, and administer your online course.

Rather than attempting to integrate a number of separate technologies, you can use an all-in-one platform like Podia, which includes everything you need in one spot.


Podia is a course-building platform that was founded in 2014 and has since grown to become one of the most popular in the world. It provides easy-to-use tools to assist you in creating, marketing, and selling your online course, membership subscriptions, digital downloads, and other products.

This software does not require any technical knowledge. Simply log in and you’ll have access to all of these tools, allowing you to manage everything from a single dashboard.

Is Podia a Good Investment?
Podia is well worth the investment for content providers who wish to earn from their skills and knowledge. Over five tools used by creators to market and sell their work have been replaced by one single platform.

You can host and sell online courses, digital downloads, memberships, and a variety of other products. You’ll be able to accomplish it all with no technical difficulties and no transaction fees. You also have limitless access to everything.

You don’t have to continually logging into numerous apps or software tools to get your work done because everything you need is on one dashboard.

You not only save a ton of time, but purchasing all of the numerous tools you need to manage your knowledge business would cost substantially more than one of Podia’s premium programs.

In other words, the program will pay for itself through time and money savings.

The best part is that you may experience Podia for 14 days for free simply registering on the website. You’ll have complete access to the software’s capabilities so you can decide whether or not this online course platform is right for you before committing to a paying plan.

For Whom Is Podia Beneficial?
Podia is ideal for a wide range of creators. The platform is equipped with everything you’ll need to sell any type of digital product, including:

Online Courses: This feature allows you to host an unlimited number of videos, links, quizzes, PDFs, and other file kinds. You can offer your pupils upsells and payment arrangements. You can also leverage student comments and leak content onto your pages.

Podia is great for you if you want to establish a community around your content and make recurring money. The platform allows you to centralize your members, products, and debates.


Sell whatever form of digital product you desire, including one-time downloads like cheat sheets, ebooks, reports, whitepapers, PDFs, checklists, presets, and more.

Webinars: Using the platform’s YouTube Live and Zoom connections, you may charge for one-to-many or one-on-one coaching sessions. Because it’s all built-in, you’ll never have to worry about getting multiple tools to work together effortlessly again.

If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, Podia is the way to go.

You want an all-in-one course platform that is intuitive, simple to use, and economical.
You want to sell online courses, digital downloads, webinars, or memberships, and you’re not sure how to accomplish it.
You wish to provide live chat on your own sales pages and website.
Every day of the week, you want quick, courteous, and helpful customer service.
You don’t want any of your plan’s features to be restricted.
You don’t want to pay any fees for transactions.
With Podia, you may create a website for your school.
Building a school website can be challenging, especially for someone who has never done so before. However, Podia’s clear, beginner-friendly design makes it simple to construct a learning environment.

It’s easy to use, and after you log in, you’ll see a well-organized dashboard that shows you when you have to go to class.

The following are some of the platform’s primary features for creating a school website:

1. User-Friendliness
This is a significant one, and Podia makes it simple to create beautiful school websites or pages, even if you’ve never done it before.

A basic drag-and-drop website builder is available that even complete beginners can utilize. You can also choose from a variety of templates rather than starting from scratch.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll have a genuine school page with all of the features you require. Furthermore, you won’t require an external website because the platform includes everything you’ll need to create a fully functional school website.

2. Stunning Templates for School Websites
Podia offers a diverse selection of themes and templates. From lead generation to sales, and all in between, they are covered.

The following are some of the template categories:

Landing pages for authors and biographies
Pages to check out
Templates for consultations and consultants
Landing pages for events
Download templates or use a free resource.
Creating and capturing leads (opt-in pages)
Webinars and virtual events are two types of online events.
Templates for waiting lists
Templates for sales pages
Templates for Thank You Pages
Simply choose a template that matches your demands to create stunning pages for your school website online course. The drag-and-drop functionality can then be used to add widgets to your pages to add functionality.

Add your own images, text, videos, and other elements to the page to make it your own. You can also select colors, fonts, and layouts that are consistent with your brand. You will receive:

Templates that are mobile-friendly
18 page-builder elements in the cloud template library
Integrations with ESPs and CRMs

You will have an inspired design with all the functionality you need, as well as any illustrations and visual page builder elements you choose to use from the platform’s extensive library, in just a few minutes.

A landing page template from Podia that you can customize with your own colors, graphics, and logo is shown below.


3. Create a stimulating learning environment
You must be able to integrate the required technologies into your online school in order to retain student interest.

Podia makes it simple by giving you with a comprehensive collection of built-in teaching tools that enable you to provide a fantastic learning experience while also achieving outstanding student outcomes.

Deep integrations exist throughout the creator ecosystem, allowing you to deliver for your students while simultaneously increasing your sales.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson’s academy, is an excellent example of a popular school website designed with Podia’s outstanding features:


Capabilities for Course Development
Podia not only allows you to create a school website, but it also allows you to create independent courses that your students can purchase and complete at their own pace.

You can also provide drip courses to give yourself more control over your pupils’ education.

You might also provide a cohort-based course, in which all of your students go over the same material at the same time.

Let’s have a look at some of the platform’s course-building capabilities:

1. Making Courses is a Piece of Cake
It’s simple to set up your online courses. Simply go to your dashboard and select “Create” from the drop-down menu.


Select “Product” from the drop-down menu of options.


Under “Choose Name” in the popup, you can give your online course a name.

Click “Create Product” after selecting “Online Course.”


You may add sections, upload files, create quizzes, and much more in the Content tab.


You can categorize your course, specify a start date, and open/close enrollment on the Settings tab.


You can determine your product’s pricing or choose to give it away for free in the Pricing tab.

You have the option of changing the currency to one of more than 20 foreign currencies. Use the optional Payment Plan tool to provide your customers the option of breaking their purchase into many installments. The price per payment and the number of monthly payments are also options.

You can also use this area to provide upsells to help you improve income. After a customer has purchased your online course, you can offer any form of digital download at a discounted price.

Simply select “Published” from the “Draft” drop-down at the top right-hand side of the page when you’re ready to go live.

The following features are also available on the platform:

SEO-Friendly: The platform has capabilities that will help you swiftly rank your online course or school website.
Mobile-Friendly: All Podia websites are mobile-friendly and look great on all devices.
Previews in real time: Create pages for specific audiences and interests, and immediately see the results of your changes.

Student supervision and assistance
Podia assists you in providing your pupils with an amazing learning experience. There are methods that can help you keep your students engaged from the start and increase the likelihood that they will finish the course.

These tools will assist you in managing and supporting your students on the platform.

Certificates of Completion
This is a useful feature that can help you provide additional encouragement to your students and increase course completion rates.

Certificates also provide your students with a physical representation of their completion of your online course.

You may personalize your certificates to match your brand, and certificates are immediately issued to students who complete your courses to acknowledge and reward their efforts.

The “Shaker” and “Earthquaker” plans are the only ones that include this function.

Go to your dashboard to find your certifications. Click “Products,” then “Edit” for the course for which you wish to create certificates.

Next, select the “Details” option and scroll to the bottom.

Click the “Provide Certificates for this Course” toggle in the “Options” column.

Is Podia a genuine company?
This one-stop shop has everything you’ll need to promote and sell your work online. From online courses to digital downloads, webinars, community building, mentoring, and more, there’s something for everyone.

You’ll be up and selling in no time, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro.

From one simple location, you can design a personalized website, add affiliates, run sponsored advertisements, and execute email marketing campaigns. The platform also includes a blog, help center, video lessons, guidelines, free tools, live demos, and other resources to assist you along the way.

Over 50,000 content developers use the online course platform to sell memberships, online courses, and a variety of downloadables.