edX Courses Review – Online Learning Education, What Is eDX?

The term “eLearning” was coined 20 years ago, and the industry has grown by 900 percent since then.

Online learning is a great option for students and those who work full-time because of its flexibility and ease.

Did you know that 50% of students took at least one online course in the previous year? Or that online learning platforms are used by 80% of businesses to train their employees?

There are hundreds of online learning platforms to choose from, and deciding which one is best might be difficult. In this review, I’ll discuss edX, one of the most popular massive open online course providers. You’ll learn about its benefits and drawbacks, as well as how much it costs and whether or not it’s worth it.

EdX Review

MIT and Harvard launched edX, a non-profit educational organization. It has 3,000 courses and programs from 140 different colleges and universities. edX is the world’s most popular online learning platform, with over 25 million users.

edX’s Advantages and Disadvantages

Let’s get to know the pros and cons of Edx.


A large range of university-level courses from the world’s greatest colleges and institutions: MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, and so on.

The majority of courses are free to audit.
Provides certificates that have been verified. Courses for people of all skill levels, from beginners to experts

Self-paced courses allow you to learn whenever, wherever, and at your own pace.

A wide range of courses, both general and specialized, are provided (“Women Making History,” “Cyber Security and Privacy,” etc.)
You may be able to get a degree and work full-time at the same time.

There is financial assistance available.

They have good MicroMasters and MicroBachelors programs


You must be enrolled in the verified paid track and complete a course with a passing grade to receive a certificate.

If you lack self-discipline, studying online may be difficult for you. In this instance, I recommend taking instructor-led classes with a set schedule.

Master’s degree programs are highly costly.

What Is edX and How Does It Work?

Thousands of online courses from major institutions and organizations are available through edX. Experts and academics from UC Berkeley, Microsoft, the Smithsonian, Harvard, MIT, and other institutions teach the courses.

Everyone can access all of the course materials for free. You’ll have to pay extra if you want a certificate to put on your CV to show off your talents. When taking classes, you can go at your own pace.

Check our discussion forums if you wish to connect with other students. Most edX courses have videos, reading materials, assignments, quizzes, and tests.

edX also offers micro-credentials such as MicroMasters, MicroBachelots, Xseries, Professional Certificates, and Executive Education in addition to courses. On edX, you can also earn an online Master’s degree.

Is It Worth It to Take edX Courses and Programs?

Many different subjects are covered by edX: Architecture, Biology & Life Sciences, Business and Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design, Economics and Finance, Energy & Earth Sciences, Engineering and more. History, Language, Law, Literature and more are also covered.

There are no requirements for edX courses, but some are more advanced than others. On the registration page, make sure you read the course description, which includes information about the knowledge required to take the course.

Is edX Worth It

The majority of edX courses last 4–12 weeks and require 4–8 hours of weekly study time. Each course has a completion date. If you wish to get a certificate and are on the verified track, you must have a passing score by that date.

There are both instructor-led and self-led courses available. All assignments, quizzes, and exams in instructor-paced courses have a set timetable and defined due dates.

You’ll get all of the course materials at particular times, and you’ll have to finish the course within a certain amount of time.

There is no set timeframe for self-paced courses. When the course begins, you will get all the course materials and must finish them before the course’s end date.

You can study at your own speed and turn in all of your assignments, quizzes, and examinations whenever you choose before the course expires.

Some self-paced courses have suggested deadlines to assist you in planning ahead.

Each course has its own structure and schedule. Some courses have only one exam, while others have multiple assignments and examinations to complete over the course of the semester.

Each course has a distinct minimum passing score. The minimum score can be found on the course’s progress page.

The majority of edX courses are taught in English, although some are also offered in Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian. Subtitles in English are available for the videos.

You can take part in class discussions, network with other students, and ask course team members questions. This feature is one of my favorites since it gives me a sense of belonging.

You can watch edX courses on your computer or mobile device if you download them for offline viewing. Both iOS and Android users can download the edX app.

If you enroll in the confirmed track, you will have access to all course materials even after the course has ended. If you choose the audit track, however, you will only have access for the number of weeks shown on the course enrollment page.

edX Courses, Programs, and Universities

As of 2021, MicroMastersedX now offers 59 MicroMasters programs as of 2021.

These programs offer graduate-level courses that will help you reach your career goals by giving you more in-depth learning opportunities.

They are open to anybody who meets the qualifying and admission conditions. On the enrollment page for some programs, there are suggested prerequisites.

You can apply a MicroMasters credential to a full Master’s program if you acquire one. You will be able to utilize your MicroMasters credit toward your degree if you are accepted into either the online or on-campus program. Credit is usually only given by the university that delivers the MicroMasters program.


The MicroBachelors programs, developed in collaboration with universities, colleges, and enterprises, were launched earlier this year by edX.

You can still enroll in the MicroBalchelors program if you have no prior college experience. Despite the fact that the programs are self-paced, you will get one-on-one coaching to help you stay on track.

Professional Certificate Programs (PCPs)

A set of courses created for professionals who wish to improve their abilities and advance in their careers. There are 140 distinct programs available on a wide range of in-demand topics. You learn at your own pace and will receive a certificate once you have completed all of the courses.


XSeries programs are a collection of courses developed by premier universities that delve deeply into a single topic. These are also self-paced programs that take several months to finish.

Master’s Degree

edX has 12 approved Master’s degree programs from some of the world’s top universities, including The University of Texas at Austin, Purdue University, and The University of Queensland. All of the courses are available online, which is ideal for people who work full-time and cannot attend classes on campus.

edX Free Trial

There is no free trial offered by edX. Most courses, however, can be audited for free.

If you’re interested in joining edX, you may learn more about the platform by enrolling in the Demo course.

edX Cost

With the exception of professional education courses, you can take any edX course for free. To enroll in the course without paying, go to the course information page and select the audit option.

All course materials (lectures, videos, readings, and ungraded tasks) will be available to you, but you will not be given a certificate of completion or graded assignments.

You must enroll in the verified track to receive a certificate. The costs vary, ranging from $50 to $300 for each course.

Certificates can be used in a CV, resume, college application, LinkedIn profile, and other documents. They can also be used in other things.

edX Financial Assistance

You can apply for financial help if you wish to enroll in the verified track but can’t afford the full price.

The majority of courses and programs are eligible for financial aid up to 90% of the total cost. Each year, you can be qualified for financial aid up to five times.

On edX, applying for financial aid is an easy and uncomplicated process. All you have to do now is enroll in the course’s audit track and fill out the financial aid application.

Within 2-4 days, your application will be assessed. You will receive an e-mail with a financial aid code that you must provide on the payment form if you are granted.

Financial aid is also available for professional programs, XSeries, MicroBachelors, and some MicroMasters. However, you must apply for financial aid for each course separately, rather than for the entire program.

Is edX A Recognized Educational Institution?

The majority of courses do not provide academic credit. Some credit-eligible courses, on the other hand, allow you to buy academic credit and put it toward a university degree.

You must enroll in the validated track and complete all course requirements to receive credit. You will have one year to purchase edX credit after that.

The master’s programs offered by edX are completely accredited.

Is An edX Certificate Legit And Valid

Some corporations and educational institutions, according to edX, may grant credit based on the verified certificate, so in this instance, it is well worth it.

An edX certificate can also be added to your resume to show off your skills and make you more appealing to future employers.

To receive a verified certificate, you must receive a passing grade and use your photo ID and webcam to prove your identity. The edX certificate does not reveal your grades; instead, it just states that you passed the course. “Hours of Effort” may also be shown on some certificates.

Is edX A Real Educational Institution?

There is no doubt that edX is a genuine firm because it was started by scientists from MIT and Harvard and has links with colleges all over the world.

On TrustPilot, it has a 4.5-star rating, with 75% of students giving it a 5-star rating. The bulk of reviews claim that the content quality and diversity of topics are great.

There are a few bad reviews about the edX platform, especially from students who say it’s hard to use.

Is edX Worth Your Time And Effort?

Yes, it is well worth the effort. The majority of courses are free, and even if you desire to get a degree and enroll in the verified track, the costs are quite low.

Many courses are self-paced, which allows you to study whenever and wherever you like. The courses are designed by world-renowned universities and are of high quality. Also excellent are the MicroMasters and MicroBachelors programs.

Overall, edX is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn new skills or improve the skills they already have in order to move up in their jobs.